Infant blocks


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“Infant Blocks” are a set of safe and eco-friendly wooden building blocks designed to stimulate your baby’s sensory development and creativity. Crafted from sustainable wood, these blocks offer a tactile and responsible way to introduce early learning and play, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable experience for infants.

Product measurements

  • Product Length: 4 cm
  • Product Breadth: 4 cm
  • Product Height: 4 cm
  • Box Length: 22 cm
  • Box Breadth: 22 cm
  • Box Height: 6 cm
  • Weight of product: 20 g

ECO SMART “COLOURFUL INFANT BLOCKS” could be the first stacking toy for your child.

These wooden blocks are completely safe for your infants to play with.

Your infants will get the basic knowledge of stacking and arranging things.

Building towers, bridges, houses and other buildings out of wooden blocks is something that kids can do by themselves or with friends.

Play like this promotes hand-eye coordinationanalytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Children can learn about balance, gravity, and spatial relationships with wooden blocks.

Benifits:- It will develop their motor skills.hand-eye coordination, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities


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