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“Trace and Learn – Alphabets” is an engaging wooden educational toy designed to help children explore and master the alphabet. This eco-friendly toy promotes early literacy skills through tactile tracing, fostering a love for learning while emphasizing sustainable materials for a greener future.

Product measurements

  • Product Length: 25 cm
  • Product Breadth: 19.5 cm
  • Product Height: 2 cm
  • Box Length: 22 cm
  • Box Breadth: 22 cm
  • Box Height: 6 cm
  • Weight of product: 240 g

Trace and learn alphabets are educational toys designed to help children learn the letters of the alphabet through a tactile and interactive experience.

They typically consist of a wooden board, each featuring a letter of the alphabet.

Children can use a stylus or their finger to trace the outline of each letter, practicing handwriting skills and developing fine motor control.

This can help children associate each letter with a specific word and develop vocabulary skills.

Skills: Improves creativity, Enhances Problem-Solving Skills, Skill Development, Montessori Training.


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