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Introducing our “Balancing Kitty Cat” – a delightful wooden toy that combines fun and skill development. Crafted from sustainable wood, this eco-friendly cat figurine balances on various surfaces, encouraging fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children. With its playful design and responsible material choices, the Balancing Kitty Cat offers both amusement and a greener way to play.

Product measurements

  • Product Length: 24 cm
  • Product Breadth: 2.5 cm
  • Product Height: 12 cm
  • Box Length: 22 cm
  • Box Breadth: 22 cm
  • Box Height: 6 cm
  • Weight of product: 280 g

Introducing the “Balancing Kitty Cat” – a captivating wooden balancing toy from the house of Eco Smart Learn that combines the grace of a feline friend with the challenge of precise stacking!

Much like a real kitty, the “Balancing Kitty Cat” beckons you to embark on a delightful balancing act. With a unique U-shaped base, this charming cat doesn’t rest still – it yearns for you to stack cylindrical pieces with precision and care. The result? An enchanting display of equilibrium that hones hand and eye coordination.

Here’s why the “Balancing Kitty Cat” is the perfect addition to your wooden toy collection:

1. Playful Precision: This balancing toy encourages kids to master the art of balance and coordination. The challenge lies in stacking the cylindrical pieces with utmost care, much like a cat gracefully treading a narrow ledge.

2. Creative Stimulation: As children stack and restack, they’ll engage their imaginations in an enchanting balancing act. The “Balancing Kitty Cat” inspires storytelling and creativity with each attempt.

3. Wooden Toy Quality: Crafted with quality wood and a meticulous attention to detail, this cat exemplifies the standard of excellence expected from wooden toys.

4. Skill Development: The act of balancing promotes hand and eye coordination, making it an invaluable learning tool masked as a delightful game.

The “Balancing Kitty Cat” is a toy that offers endless fun, skill development, and creative play. Embrace the challenge, build your tower, and watch your child’s coordination skills flourish, all while enjoying the whimsical charm of this wooden feline friend. Get ready for a purr-fectly delightful balancing adventure with the “Balancing Kitty Cat.”
A product from the house of Eco smart learn.



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