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“Trace and Learn – Numbers” is a captivating wooden educational toy designed to help children master counting and number recognition. This eco-friendly toy combines hands-on learning with sustainability, fostering early math skills while promoting responsible material choices for a greener future.

Product measurements

  • Product Length: 25 cm
  • Product Breadth: 19.5 cm
  • Product Height: 2 cm
  • Box Length: 22 cm
  • Box Breadth: 22 cm
  • Box Height: 6 cm
  • Weight of product: 240 g

Trace and learn toys are educational toys designed to help children develop handwriting and fine motor skills through a tactile and interactive experience.

These toys  consist of a set of tracing boards  with number, or shape.

Children can use a stylus or their finger to trace the outline of the number, or shape, practicing writing and pencil control.

They are often recommended for young children as they promote hand strength and control, and can be used as a stepping stone towards more advanced writing and drawing skills.

Benifits:- This can help children develop creativity, imagination, and visual-spatial skills. Trace and learn toys are a fun and engaging way for children to practice dexterity and coordination,


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