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Planet Puzzle


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Embark on a cosmic adventure with our Planet Puzzle! Featuring 8 wooden pieces shaped like planets, this captivating puzzle challenges young explorers to piece together the solar system. Dive into discovery and unlock the mysteries of the universe!

Product measurements

Product Length: 27 cm
Product Breadth: 27.5 cm
Product Height: 65 cm

Product Weight: 327 g

Explore the cosmos with our Planet Puzzle, an enchanting wooden toy that ignites curiosity and problem-solving skills! Crafted from high-quality wood, this captivating puzzle consists of 8 intricately designed parts, each resembling a unique planet in our solar system. Assemble the puzzle by fitting the planet pieces together in their correct positions to unveil the mesmerizing universe in its entirety. From the swirling gas giants to the rocky terrestrial worlds, every piece invites young minds to embark on a cosmic journey of discovery. Engage in hours of immersive play as you piece together the wonders of the universe with the Planet Puzzle!


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